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“Rosie’s Song” is a delightful book! Such charming wording and lively story — Rosie’s adventures with her aptly named seven brothers are exciting – The BIG storm – the boy who acts responsibly and caringly and who does the right thing – the “family” message is important, too. Creative, colorful, active illustrations by Deborah LaFogg Docherty add to the presentation. The book is a winner, which I’ll happily read to Benjamin School four year olds this term. I hope there is a sequel planned!

Anne Gibb, the former Head of School at Gulf Stream School in Gulf Stream, FL.

All in all, this was one of the best self-published picture books I’ve seen, and has a very kid-friendly vibe, with an eco-friendly (but not preachy) storyline that may help stimulate family discussions about pollution and the environment.”
Amitha Knight, winner of the 2012 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award

My daughter loves this book!: This is my daughter’s favorite book … And it is my favorite book to read to her. She is 4 but I think she will be able to enjoy it for years. We love Rosie’s strong and sweet character. It’s refreshing to read a book that is so appealing to my daughter without the princesses…. And the pictures are beautiful. Rochelle Gilken

A powerful tool for character development: What a wonderful tale of the adventures of Rosie the starfish and her family! In this beautifully told story, not only does the reader learn about the delicate ecosystem in which starfish live, but when Rosie experiences a turbulent storm, her survival depends on her faith in the values of family, home, loyalty and love. This book is an excellent vehicle for teaching about the ocean ecosystem as well as for developing strong family values in youth. James S. Leming

Love of family and the sea: For moms and dads looking for picture books to teach children about family love and environmental stewardship, this one is a keeper. It’s a sweet story about a sea star named Rosie who lives with her several roaming brothers, but she is always left at home with one brother who cooks and keeps the home together. When a storm hits, Rosie worries that her brothers are lost, so she sets out, full of courage and determination, to find them. She washes up on a beach, where she encounters a human child who understands how precious she is. Rosie eventually finds her way back home to find all her brothers waiting. Beautifully illustrated, this loving story is a keeper. Vicki McCash-Brennan, former editor of South Florida Parenting

Miss “B” told me underwater books are her favorite. She had just finished an octopus book because it was “O” week and they were also doing a number of lessons with the numbers 7 and 8. So a starfish with 7 brothers fit in perfectly. She said the kids really like the book and that they wanted it for their classroom.  Miss Bernidette to her 3 year-old class in Delray Beach, FL

Great book to share with your class or children:Rosie’s Song is a perfect holiday story. At this time of year we are all celebrating family and rekindling family relationships. Rosie’s Song is a great read for teachers to demonstrate author’s perspective and to use as mentor text. The book is thought provoking and the illustrations are phenomenal. Great gift for grandmas to give to their little stars. Debbie O’Meilia

A New Staple In My Substitute Teacher’s Bag Of Tricks!: I love the story and the warm family message which it conveys. It also serves as a valuable science lesson and the illustrations are awesome. I sub in kindergarten thru 3rd grade classrooms. I have yet to see a student fail to become engrossed with this book; a real life-saver…Rosie’s Song gets a big STAR (fish) from me! Terry R. K

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